Autumn started beautifully with the first perennial plants and shrubs gracing the Floriade site. In the coming weeks another ten thousand perennials will be added to our arboretum. can also look back on a fruitful summer in which the construction of the first buildings and pavilions has commenced: the Food Forum pavilion of Flevoland Province, the apartment complex Flores and the Aeres UAS Almere’s new building. Exciting developments in the build up to Floriade Expo 2022.

Construction of two circular bridges in progress

The two innovative and circular bridges ‘Rondje Weerwaterbrug’ en de ‘Beverbrug’ situated at Floriade park are largely build of residual materials collected from the city Almere. Some green characteristics of the Beverbrug are spaces for a pick-your-own garden, bee-friendly planting and it offers room for outdoor exhibitions. The border of each side will be covered with plants and the bridge will have the possibility to store water, which can be used for watering plants.

First shrubs and perennial plants added to arboretum

After careful preparations our green team has now started planting. In the coming months a total of nearly 50.000 shrubs, 500 trees and 170.000 perennials will be planted. This fall the Floriade-park will be enriched with ornamental shrubs, all with names commencing with the letter ‘E’. ‘Euonymus europaeus’ en ‘euonymus fortunei’ – better known as spindle trees – are the first in this series.

Virtual tour through Aeres UAS Almere’s new building 

It is already called the greenest school of The Netherlands: the new building of Aeres UAS Almere. Nicknamed the ‘Green Lung’, the new building is part of the Flevo Campus; a place where education, research and science comes together at a physical location at the Floriade site, to exchange knowledge, to pioneer and to experiment. Curious to see what it will look like? Take a virtual tour through the building. Explore the characteristic sustainable building that has an open and warm atmosphere.

Tiny house built from plastic waste

In collaboration with the city of Almere the organisation Save Plastics is building a pilot tiny house derived from 93% recycled local plastic waste. An innovative solution to the cities issue with excessive plastic waste and a welcome opportunity to contribute to solving the housing shortage problem. A total amount of 7.482 kg plastic waste is processed in this 20 square meter tiny house. This equals nearly 5.000.000 sandwich bags