Chateau Mcely has made a new yoga video, enabling viewers to practice in the safety and warmth of their homes and to make the colorful days of autumn more enjoyable during these difficult times. Soft music, deep thoughts, soul caresses – and a special one-hour yoga practice in both Czech and English versions.

Jana Kyriakou’s soothing voice offers gentle guidance through the lesson, which offers deep relaxation and helps establish balance of body and mind. Our favorite yoga instructors Jana Kyriakou and Lucie Martinová will practice with you against the background of the bright yet elegant Golden Hall at Chateau Mcely. Nestled in the English park and the surrounding St George Forest.

Chateau Mcely owner Inéz Cusumano came up with the idea to shoot a home yoga video during the difficult period back in spring when the chateau had to be closed and most of us were spending our days at home. The hours of hard work put in by Inéz and Jana – writing a script careful execution of the exercises in variants for both beginners and more experienced yoginis, professional shooting, as well as the long hours of editing and preparation by our marketing manager Jakub Kulda – have borne fruit. The result is a video that

brings you a yoga practice focused on kindness to yourself and others. It’s a unique opportunity to boost your immunity and positive mood through exercise. In recent years, yoga retreats, often led by Jana and Lucka, have become very popular at the chateau. In our calendar of events, we have not only yoga available, but many other programs throughout the year.