From education to escapism, libraries can be a sanctuary for the public and students. Whilst most library-goers get stuck in with a book, others appreciate them for their architecture, design and beauty.

Interested in making learning more exciting, sought to establish the world’s most popular beautiful university libraries according to Instagram data.

The World’s Top 20 Instagrammable University Libraries
Rank Library name University name Location Instagram hashtags
1. Radcliffe Camera Oxford University Oxford, England 40,394
2. John Rylands Library University of Manchester Manchester, England 22,135
3. Trinity College Library Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 18,339
4. Suzzallo Library University of Washington Washington, USA 6,670
5. Butler Library Columbia University New York, USA 3,666
6. Widener Library Harvard University Massachusetts, USA 3,025
7. The Maughan Library King’s College London London, England 3,014
8. Powell Library UCLA Los Angeles, USA 2,882
9. Biblioteca Joanina Coimbra University Coimbra, Portugal 2,853
10. George Peabody Library Johns Hopkins University Maryland, USA 2,748
11. Cambridge University Library University of Cambridge Cambridge, England 2,124
12. Sterling Memorial Library Yale University Connecticut, USA 2,029
13. Bobst Library New York University New York, USA 1,990
14. Weston Library Oxford University Oxford, England 1,855
15. Senate House Library University of London London, England 1,595
16. TU Delft Library University of Technology Delft, Netherlands 1,584
17. LSE Library The London School of Economics and Political Science London, England 1,470
18. The Sir Duncan Rice Library Aberdeen University Aberdeen, Scotland 1,370
19. Manchester Metropolitan University Library Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester, England 1,143
20. Uris Library Cornell University New York, USA 864

The analysis:

  • The university library with the most Instagram hashtags (40,394) is Radcliffe Camera, Oxford University
  • The top three most Instagrammable university libraries are located in England and Ireland (Radcliffe Camera, John Rylands Library, and Trinity College Library)!
  • The USA and UK both feature the most university libraries in the list (8 each)
  • Portugal (Biblioteca Joanina), the Netherlands (TU Delft Library) and Scotland (The Sir Duncan Rice Library) also make the top 20