Registration Closes: Oct 21 for Suppliers, Buyers and Marketplace Exhibitors/Advertisers
Appointment Scheduling Opens: Oct 22
Appointment Scheduling Closes: Oct 30
** Note registration for Travel Advisors, Travel Agents/Meeting Planners, Media closes Nov 9.

Event Overview and Highlights

The event will incorporate the familiar elements of traditional tradeshows

  • Opening session or keynote
  • Breakout Sessions, scheduled throughout the event
  • Training Sessions, scheduled throughout the event
  • Exhibition Hall, hosting Interactive Booths, with sharable content and chat functionality. Show floor will be configured as an interactive Google map by region: Negril, South Coast, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Kingston, Portland. Videos will auto-play to engage attendees as they enter each region.
  • One-on-one Zoom meeting platform to pre-schedule meetings with travel partners. The scheduling software includes:
  • Instant Scheduler: Users can book meetings instantly on Suppliers calendar through direct scheduling page
  • Auto Scheduler: Instantly find times that are still available in both parties’ calendars. The meeting rooms are powered by ZOOM with all the functionality including video, screen share, messaging, etc.
  • A Prize Center to “surprise and delight” attendees and drive participation
  • A Networking Lounge for everyone to connect, share and add value