Największy bezpłatny magazyn turystyczny w Polsce

  • Nakład: 19.000 egz., objętość – ok. 220 str., format 200 x 283 mm, full kolor.
  • Współpracujemy z: Polską Izbą Turystyki (PIT), Stowarzyszeniem Organizatorów Incentive Travel (SOIT), Krajową Izbą Sportu (KIS), Lang Team, Tour de Pologne, Polsko-Hiszpańską Izbą Gospodarczą, Polsko-Chińską Izbą Gospodarczą, Polsko-Portugalską Izbą Gospodarczą etc.

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Media Sol Michał Domański


ul. Bociania 9
05-462 Stefanówka (gmina Wiązowna) koło Warszawy

Magazin’s profile:

  • The one and only travel magazine on the Polish market, which is prepared especially for demanding travellers. The articles are mostly about luxurious destinations, exotic places, adventure tourism, recreation, culture and fashion. Our aim is to give the readers full satisfaction and ensure them that what they get is prepared for their high needs and demands.
  • Although it is free of charge, All Inclusive can boast of outstanding foto and text quality, which makes it a precious, prestigueous travel magazine, acknowledged not only by average readers but also by professionals working in tourism.
  • All Inclusive offers various advertising opportunities for companies involved in travel and leisure business or related segments. It is also a perfect promotional channel for premium and exclusive products.

Unique, targeted distribution channels:

  • Thanks to its unique and targeted distributional network All Inclusive reaches professionals and public clientele at the same time, which – besides recalling the interest of the targeted readers – also enables the advertisers to obtain business partners from Poland.

A part of the copies of each issue are sent to:

  • the presidents of all travel companies which are the members of the Polish Chamber of Tourism (PIT), the presidents of all travel companies which are the members of the Chamber of Tourism of the Republic of Poland (ITRP),
  • the presidents of the companies specialized in MICE groups, the presidents of all companies from Stock Exchange in Warsaw,
  • the presidents of all the underwriters from the Polish Chamber of Insurance (PIU),
  • the members of the Polish Government,
  • the Polish Parliament and the Polish members of the European Parliament,
  • the presidents of the firms which are the members of the Polish-Spanish, Polish-Portuguese, Polish-Chinese and Polish-Scandinavian Chambers of Commerce,
  • the presidents, managers and decision makers of the most important companies in Poland.

Reader`s profile:

  • Age: between 25–49 years.
  • Position: decision makers, chairman, private investor, director, manager, minister of the goverment, MP, etc.
  • Customer status: „A” class, with much higher income than the average, having interest in travelling and spending their free time in luxurious conditions. All Inclusive adresses an exclusive target group which is difficult to reach by traditional travel magazines. These people are very labor-stretched, that is why they chose to spend their limited free time in luxurious conditions or in exotic places, with programmes fitted especially for their needs. They are used to quality branded products and they don’t hesitate to pay for high standard offers. They have about 3 or 4 trips a year, and in addition they often go abroad for city breaks in exclusive hotels in Poland or other European countries.


Editorial data:


Year: XIII.
Periodicity: 3–4 times a year.
Number of copies printed: 19.000.
Price: free of charge.
Distribution: through special network.
Publisher: Media Sol Michal Domanski
Printhouse: Art-Druk


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GSM +48 793 272 543, +48 793 700 077



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Media Sol Michal Domanski




Bociania street number 9 

05-462 Stefanowka near Warsaw